Troubleshooting​ Tips

Are you unable to log in to TrainingLink™ Live Tailgates?

Check what page you are on.

Make sure you are on the right log in page. Click here for Employee/Trainee log in. Click here for Employer/Administrator log in. You can view the live trainings from either page, but each page has a different log in.


Check your log in.

  • If you are an employee/trainee and your log in isn't working check with your employer.

  • If you are an Employer/Administrator and need to find your employees' log in, go to the Employer/Administrator page and click PROFILE. Confirm that you have created a Trainee Log in. Click the link to create one if it is not shown in the box. 

  • If you are an Employer/Administrator and have forgotten your password click the Forgotten Password link to reset it.

  • If you are an Employer/Administrator and have forgotten the email address you registered with, contact Katie Frassinelli at


Check your password.

Make sure you are entering the password correctly-- passwords are case-sensitive so you need to be sure to use capital and lower case letters if your password includes them.

Are you having trouble viewing TrainingLink™ Live Tailgates?

Click the play icon.

If you see a black box on the Live Tailgates page, click the play icon either in the middle of the black box, or in the bottom left corner.

Refresh the page.

If you logged in before the training began you may need to refresh your browser window when the training begins.

Try a different browser.

TrainingLink can be viewed on all standard browsers, but because your individual settings may vary between different browsers, a quick fix is to try a different browsers. Supported browsers include: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Check your browser settings.

TrainingLink™ requires third-party cookies to be enabled. If you are using a browser with third-party cookies disabled or cross-site tracking prevention enabled, you cannot log in to TrainingLink™ or may have other issues. Click here for instructions for enabling cookies in your browser.

Are you trying to manage your TrainingLink™ subscription?


Click on My Subscriptions in the top menu (under MORE) to manage your subscription and payments. If you need any assistance contact Katie Frassinelli at

Do you need help with Smart SOP™?

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