Andy Morrison


Andy Morrison has been in wastewater collections since 1982. For the last 10 years, before he retired in 2014, he was the manager of the Collection Services Work Group for Union Sanitary District, a multi award winning agency. As well as being a recognized leader in the industry, he was a contributing author to many BMP manuals.


  • Ironclad SSO Documentation Workshop: Getting from Initial SSO Notification to CIWQS   

  • CIWQS for Data Submitters and Legally Responsible Officials   

  • Collection System 101 - Intro to Collection System Operations and Maintenance   

  • How to Run a Collection System – Managing the Risks and Solving the Problems   

  • OERP Training – (Overflow Emergency Response Plan)   

  • SSMP Training – (Sewer System Management Plan)   

  • SSO Drills – Hands on Response to a Simulated SSO, Including Documentation   

  • Supervisor 101 – for Public Works & Utilities Supervisors (Making a Successful Transition from Worker to Manager)