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Easily create, share, and manage procedures directly on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Available in the Apple App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, and with Windows and Mac Installers.

Enhance Your SOP Processes

Efficient Standard Operating Procedure Development

Increase Efficiency

Easily create, manage, and share standard operating procedures directly from your smartphone or tablet with the Smart SOP™ app. You no longer need to jot down notes and type it all up when you get back to the office. Instead, just open the app and enter the information right then and there.

Control Access to SOPs in Your Organization

Maintain Control

With Smart SOP™, you can grant all employees access to view standard operating procedures directly from their smartphone or tablet. Maintain control by assigning user privileges so that only authorized personnel can approve and publish the finalized procedures.

SOP App with Easy JHA Feature

Mitigate Risks & Hazards

Without standardized procedures in place, employees are more likely to experience accidents and injuries when working around dangerous equipment. Reduce the risks and hazards by developing SOPs that help keep workers safe.

Lockout Tagout Compliant SOPs

Ensure Compliance

Comply with state and federal regulations by using Smart SOP™ for all of your procedural needs. Our pre-filled Lockout / Tagout templates include the specific lockout steps mandated by federal OSHA. Smart SOP™ can also help you meet other regulatory requirements, such as ISO standards, State Water Board SSMP documentation, and more. All procedures can be highly customized for your organization.

Save Money and Prevent Mistakes with SOPs

Reduce Operational Errors

Mistakes can be costly, especially to small and mid-sized business owners. Having easy-to-follow standard operating procedures helps ensure consistent and reliable operations.

Take control of your SOPs

Get Organized!

Enjoy the benefits of having one central, accessible place for all SOPs that can be accessed and updated from anywhere.

Lockout Tagout OSHA Compliant SOPs


Smart SOP comes with pre-filled lockout/tagout procedural steps that can be customized to include specific details about your equipment and operation.


Enhance safety and compliance every step of the way. From notifying personnel, to shutting down equipment, to removing lockout devices and bringing equipment back online.

Share SOPs on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac

Standard Operating


Create detailed procedures complete with photos and videos to enhance worker safety, ensure compliance, and reduce operational errors. You can even attach additional documentation, such as user manuals, safety policies, decision trees, or any other PDF document.


Organize procedures into folders by workgroup, facility, function... whatever makes sense for your organization.

Create Job Hazard Analysis SOPs

Job Hazard Analysis

Quickly document potential hazards in your Standard Operating Procedures with our built-in JHA feature. Use the provided checkboxes to identify hazards, list the necessary personal protective equipment, and share other important safety considerations.

Key Features

Photo and Video Capture

With Smart SOP™, you can use your device’s camera to take photos or videos directly within the app to include them in your SOPs. You can also upload existing media from your computer.


Having photos or video to reference reduces the risk of errors and injuries when operating a new piece of equipment. Workers who are new to the process can see exactly how the job is supposed to be done.

QR Code Scanner

Create QR codes to print and place on the equipment, work area, or anywhere else that you might need quick access. Use the in-app scanner to immediately retrieve the correct procedure.

Upload User Manuals and Other PDFs to Smart SOP

PDF Compatiblity

Import existing procedures out of the binder and into the Smart SOP™ app. You can also download, save, and print Smart SOP™ documents for hard copy backups. Use this feature to mobilize existing SOPs while you build up your Smart SOP library.

Job Hazard Analysis

Document potential hazards quickly with checkboxes. Identify personal protective equipment for the whole procedure or an individual step to make sure employees are protected.

Subscription Plans

Smart SOP™ subscriptions are based on the number of registered devices.

Enjoy the benefits of unlimited standard operating procedures for all subscription levels.

Start your free trial of the Smart SOP™ app for 2 full weeks on one device.


Share the benefits of Smart SOP with up to 25 users or devices (smartphone, tablet, computer).
Perfect for small and medium sized organizations.



Share the benefits of Smart SOP with up to 50 users or devices. Perfect for larger organizations.


Small and medium sized businesses may also benefit from this plan if you want to register multiple devices per user.


Want to register more than 50 users or devices? Contact us at for customized pricing that supports your organization’s needs.


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