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Having Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for your agency's processes and equipment isn’t just helpful, it’s necessary to ensure a quick and thorough responses to any situation. Sometimes complicated scenarios arise, such as in the case of a Sewer Sanitary Overflow (SSO) which may, or may not, need the use of a variety of different tools, equipment, and procedures. How do you determine what equipment is the best to use? How do you determine the best course of action? 


We have a solution for you; an interactive e-SOP that is accessible electronically, on site. You can consider it a “high-level SOP” or an “SOP Guide”. In this SSO response guide, you’ll have years of wisdom and experience captured in one interactive e-SOP that will guide you through determining what processes and equipment to use for a variety of scenarios. It isn't limited to small steps, it includes pro-tips and considerations that wouldn’t typically be covered in a standard “How-To SOP”. Don't miss the opportunity to add this in-depth tool to your tool-kit."


Using the eSOP requires a Smart SOP subscription. Go to http://smartsop.dkfsolutions.com to sign up for a free trial.

Sanitary Sewer Overflow/Backup eSOP for Smart SOPMobile App

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