On-Demand Training

DKF Solutions Group offers a range of operational, safety and compliance training courses in two different formats: Instructor-Led Pre-Recorded Trainings and Self-Directed Interactive Training Modules.

Instructor-Led On-Demand Training

Live online training is a highly effective training method, but it doesn't always work on your schedule. We provide you with the best of both worlds by offering our most recent live trainings on-demand for a limited time. After watching the training video, the learner can download a printable certificate for their supervisor to sign to document completion. Select a course below and click the button for a description and to register.

Self-Directed Training

Self-directed training allows trainees to go at their own pace, completing the course in whatever length of time they need to ensure they have learned the material. Courses are text-based and include interactive elements to keep the learner engaged. Each course includes a downloadable certificate upon completion. Courses include the list below. Click the button to download the catalog and register.

  • Basic Math for Collection Systems Workers

  • Backhoe Standard Operation

  • Bloodborne Pathogens (CalOSHA)

  • Bypass Pumping

  • Cal/OSHA Inspections

  • Closed Circuit Televising (CCTV)

  • Collection System 101

  • Conducting Trip Inspetions for Vehicles and Equipment

  • Confined Space (CalOSHA)

  • Continuous Rodder Safety

  • Cover Removal Safety: Know the Risks and Avoid the Hazards

  • Defensive Driving

  • Dog Bite Prevention

  • Easement Maintenance and Repair

  • Electrical Safety

  • Email and Web Browsing Cybe Security

  • Emergency Eyewashes and Showers (CalOSHA)

  • Excavation & Trenching (CalOSHA)

  • Fall Protection (CalOSHA)

  • Field Ergonomics: Back Care

  • Fire Safety (CalOSHA)

  • Grounds Safety

  • Hand and Power Tool Safety

  • Hazard Communication and GHS (CalOSHA)

  • Hazards on the Road: Road Rage

  • HazMat Incident: The Role of the First Responder

  • Hearing Conservation (CalOSHA)

  • Hearing Protection

  • How to Read Sewer Maps

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (CalOSHA)

  • Jet Rodding (Hydro Jetting)

  • Ladder Safety (CalOSHA)

  • Lateral Maintenance

  • Lockout/Tagout (CalOSHA)

  • Mechanical Rodding

  • Personal Protective Equipment (CalOSHA)

  • Plugging Sewers

  • Pneumatic Tool Safety

  • Powered Cart

  • Preparing for Your Next SSO

  • Respiratory Protection (CalOSHA)

  • Skid Steer Operations

  • Spot Repairs

  • Underground Utility Locating

  • USA “Call Before You Dig”

  • Vacuum Truck Safety

  • Vacuuming Combination Unit