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Smart SOP™

the smart way to build and manage

Create, share and manage procedures quickly and efficiently on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Photos and Video

Use your device's native camera or upload photos and videos from your computer.

QR Scanner

Create QR codes to place on equipment, work area, or anywhere you need quick access. Use in-app scanner to retrieve SOP immediately.

Job Hazard Analysis

Document potential hazards quickly with checkboxes. Identify personal protective equipment for the whole procedure or an individual step to make sure employees are protected.

Don't miss a lockout/tagout step

Pre-filled Lockout / Tagout steps ensure OSHA compliance from notifying personnel and shutting equipment down to removing lockout devices and bringing equipment back online.

PDF Download

Still want a hard copy? Download easy-to-read PDFs right from the app.

Get Organized

Organize procedures into folders by workgroup, facility, function... whatever makes it easy to find your SOPs.

Document Integration

Need additional documentation? Upload PDFs to SOPs! Add a user manual, safety policy, decision tree, or any other PDF document. Use this feature to mobilize existing SOPs while you build up your Smart SOP library.

Maintain Control

Designate certain users as SOP Managers with the ability to approve SOPs and publish them to the whole organization.

Subscription Plans

Try out the
full-featured app for 2 weeks on one device



Smart SOP helps larger organizations efficiently create and share procedures among up to 50 users or devices.

Small and medium size organizations love the flexibility of Smart SOP across platforms and the benefits of sharing with up to
25 devices or users.



Contact us at for customized pricing and payment to support your organization with more than 50 users


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