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Are you retired or retiring soon? 

Help develop the next generation of professionals.


You spent your career honing your skills, learning from your mistakes, and finding innovative solutions to the problems you encountered. This is your opportunity to pass along the knowledge you gained, to inspire younger workers, and to show them how to be successful in their work through commitment to their craft. Tell us about yourself and your work experience. We have training topics that need trainers, and we are always developing new courses to highlight the specific expertise of our trainers. And you get to be your own boss, maybe for the first time!

Are you tired of scheduling, invoicing and coordinating, but love training? 

You get the best of both worlds at DKF Solutions Group. We do the part you don’t like and you can enjoy doing what you do best. All of our trainers are independent contractors with their own businesses. We leave the training to you, we just support you with marketing, coordinating, and making sure you get paid. Let us know about your experience and the topics you enjoy training on, and we’ll match you up with clients and open enrollment training classes.

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